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July 6th & 7th, 2019




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Sold Out!

From 27 teams in 2007 to a sold out field in 2011, WOW!  I would like to thank all the anglers who support this great event!  This is officially the biggest Walleye tournament EVER in Minaki!

Expect updates almost daily from now until the tournament.




One Month To Go for Early Bird

Hey there!

We have one more month to go before the Early Bird Draw deadline (April 30th).  Get those entries in fast to be eligible for the $500 draw that we do at the start of the rules meeting!  

The Winnipeg River in Minaki is starting to open up in the current areas.  Still lots of ice on the lakes.  I drilled a few holes on Pistol and Little Sand and there is still 32" of ice.  Water temp is cold for those who wanna know lol.  

A neat thing I noticed while ice fishing this year is how different the water clarity is from place to place in Minaki.  I found the clearest water in Big Sand, especially near West Bay and the darkest was in Pistol Lake with Little Sand and Rough Rock being somewhere in between.  That's something that's hard to notice in a boat during summer.  Keep that in mind when you are picking your crankbait and spinner colors during prefishing ;)

I am expecting to see even more big fish at the scale this year.  The weights last year were staggering as the number of big fish caught keeps increasing every year.  Several fish exceeding 8lbs were weighed last year, this hasn't happened since 2005.  I predict we will see 9 pounders this year and maybe bigger.  CAN'T WAIT!

And for those wondering, the biggest Walleye weighed in the Classic was 11.42 pounds caught by Paul Soeby & Brett Ulrich in the 2001 "Minaki Summer Classic".  I remember that year well as this was my second tournament ever and I fished with my brother Sean.  We came in 3rd with our biggest fish weighing 9.24 pounds... Sean caught it at 3pm on Days 2.  This is the only time I kissed that lucky bugger.  

I'll post a video of a 29+ inch walleye that I caught on my birthday (June 26) last year with my Dad.  I hope that will add to your excitement about this year's Minaki Walleye Classic.  

Stay Tuned!




March errrr January... Maybe

It's March, it's cold, where's my long johns?

Remember that the early bird draw deadline is April 30th so get those entries in! We do the draw before we begin the rules meeting on Friday July 1st. It's great to be able to win some money before the fishing begins!

I will add the registered teams section this weekend so everyone can see who's registered so far.

I will be wandering around at the Mid-Canada boat show this weekend and will also be at the Boat Show Social on Saturday night so if you see me, come say hi!



Spring is Getting Closer

We're now into the middle of February.  Winter seems like is is flying by... at least for me.  Remember that the deadline for the $500.00 Early Bird Draw is April 30th.  

I'm working on a few things for the site including a list of Teams that have registered and more pictures and videos.  I hope to have those up soon.

Look for the 2011 registration information in the mail in the next couple weeks and keep checking back here for the lastest information.


JP Kennedy




Minaki Walleye Classic - July 2nd & 3rd, 2011

Another open water season comes to an end.  I fished until the very end this year and it was FREEZING!  This past weekend, my good friend Andrew Heidebrecht and I squeeked in one last day of Musky fishing in Minaki.  We didn't get anything big, but it's always nice to be on the water with friends.  Wherever we were trolling, we always saw walleye's on the bottom.  They are definitely everywhere and now I have a few more spots to try next year!

Next year's tournament will be held on July 2nd & 3rd, 2011.  The 2010 tournament was a huge success.  It was the biggest field in this tournaments 11 year history at 65 teams.  The team cap will remain at 70 teams as I think this is a good size field for this body of water.  

I am looking for volunteers for the 2011.  If you would like to volunteer, please email me.  Most volunteers are needed for the day end weigh-in.  I will post volunteer positions that need to be filled in the coming weeks.

Check back often for the latest information.  The website updates will come fast now. 

JP Kennedy