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July 6th & 7th, 2019




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2013 Pics Are Uploaded!

Go to the photo gallery to check them out!


Day Two Results Are Up

The 2013 Minaki Walleye Classic is in the books.  Congratulations to Chris Blayden & Tom Davidson on their win!

Final Results

I am in the process of uploading all the pictures.  21 Fish over 70cm were caught and successfully released!  Thank you to all anglers and volunteers for participating.  


Day Two Update

There has been lots of action at the scales this morning!

Team #4 - Ed & Christine Goulet - 7.77 lbs

Team #77 - Al McVicar & Tom Skehar - 7.13 lbs




Day One is in the Books!

Day One is done and there were lots of nice fish weighed today.  In total there were 10 Walleyes over 70 cm brought to the scale!  This is a significant increase over last year!
To see the results, click here.
I added all the big fish pictures in the Photo Gallery.  
Tomorrow is a big day, good luck to all the anglers!

Lots of Big Walleyes to the scale!

Biggest fish of the day so far are:


Tony Shirley & Paul Marion - 8.10 lbs

Bill Spence & Harry Spence - 7.89 lbs

Rick Koss & Rob Degenhardt - 7.88 lbs

Jeff Booth & Hali Carlson - 7.71 lbs

Andrew Klopak & Michelle Trudeau - 7.47lbs

Glen Hayward & Cindy Hayward - 7.38 lbs

Chris Blayden & Tom Davidson - 6.93 lbs

Kevin Gibson & Mark Jones - 6.74 lbs

Andrew Heidebrecht & Trevor Froese - 5.98 lbs


There is still almost 3 hours to go so stayed tuned!